Winning – Iron Blade

April 6, 2020

Sorry this was a short one, I kept dropping frames so I wasn’t sure on the quality of the stream. I’ll keep uploading but I have new internet that will be hooked up next week.

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hey guys what’s up I know it’s been a
few days since I’ve been on here I
finally got the new computer parts in
been waiting no I got that going so it
seems to be gone and create while we’re
getting into this right now I’m on it
load if you’re tired of paying high
prices for your cell phone try skiing
out and you can use the link in the
descriptions get $25 and credit on your
well I said help ourselves
hashtag oddities and hug a gargoyle of
strata streets who do you think the
people will blame just cut off Williams
head and been done with it the people of
parents will think we summit that demons
you were right this is what s comes
after one thing at a time we’ve got to
stop that creature before it rips the
city apart
you make an ugly quartz
hear yourself
where did it go we’ve lost it and people
don’t look too happy with us
here come the cards you to hold the
moment also ship assigned to the
strife good riddance you won’t survive
that’s the last of them we’d better
leave before the locals decide to join
the fight let’s go see if flora has
located the gargoyle guys it looks like
we’re dropping a lot of frames so
I guess I’ll just go ahead and hand it
here it goes well I’m on I’ll do have
another love hearing anytime soon but
I’ll stare a lot of load
and I’m still searching for games that I
cannot play you know any games that I
may not be able to play go ahead and
comment them below and I’ll check them
see some

Live Stream / Replay

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