Some updates then us getting stomped in Advanced Warfare

February 11, 2020

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hey guys I just wanted to give you an
update so a while back at least thing
equipment to livestream but mine and I
kind of sucked well instead of paying
for the expensive equipment I’ll just
swing head sent it back and built my own
setup it worked pretty good I got most
of the bugs worked out when I was ready
to stream again I switched to a new
high-speed provider that it was amazing
and well then I sudden the connection
went off I tried getting hold of the
provider and they basically vanished
into thin air so I guess I’m just gonna
have to charge back up my bank and get
the money back
and I’ll be switching to another
provider so right now I’m on my backup
internet it’s kind of slow quality just
sucks and I don’t want to just keep it
now I’m not gonna put out bad quality
videos I want higher quality until I get
all that stuff straightened out switch
to a new provider
I plan on still recording didn’t
uploading video hopefully I can get all
this stuff sorted out soon and get back
to live streaming again get on a pretty
regular schedule like I’ve said I’m in
the past I’m not here to make money I’m
just doing this for fun it’s something I
love to do it’s kind of hard to do when
you’re really taking care of other stuff
don’t howl off funds to fund it but it’s
something I’m still I’m still going to
do it uh I don’t plan on quitting either
if you want to help me out if you like
any of the stuff that I’ll make you
don’t want to or can’t do a donation or
anything like that just share the videos
on social media with your friends
they’ll help the channel grow and I
really appreciate everyone that watch
this likes and shares the videos so
let’s get into this one here it’s just a
quick one I’m we made
and we didn’t check the mock the good
mock I don’t know it’s kind of being
stupid and so I just threw and plugged
into the USB one when I’m using the
right now and didn’t wreck anything
audio kind of lag I didn’t set anything
up but still hears us playing call of
duty it’s been a really long time since
I played on ps4 so right now kind of bad
at the controls I’ve been on Xbox one
way too long but now I have both
but you’ve gotta work back to another
I have idiot over here to smile and not
say nothin okay my good mic where this
malfunctioning meaning so
back to the trusty URIs be there not not
quite used to the PlayStation
controllers yeah exelon line eliminate
the enemies
go away
incoming enemy care package
oh yeah I got that cloak and Redruth
Africa Oh
another target is down
nothing more we can do here Sentinel
we’ve lost six heroes really
I thought I was doing bad
we’re not next box very long
I got reply to this person
all non central officers were considered
take them out
like that
Oh boundaries aside
that boy that make bro
over here
that’s how it’s done
RTB for debrief

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