Claire Hart Soul Searcher

Claire Hart Soul Searcher

August 13, 2015

Claire Hart Soul Searcher – Help clairvoyant Claire Hart solve ghostly mysteries in this fun hidden object game. Claire Hart Soul SearcherClaire Hart™: Soul Searcher is a story-driven, hidden object game filled with mystery, romance, and ghosts!
Compelling Storyline
Follow Claire as she investigates mysterious happenings using her powers of clairvoyance and observation!
Mysterious Hidden Objects
Look for hidden-objects that will lead to clues about where Claire should go or who Claire should talk to next!
Thrilling Places and Secrets
Use Full Screen to see hidden-objects more clearly and easily amidst beautiful backgrounds! Become a Club Pogo member to use Full Screen mode!
Multiple Episodes
Claire’s cases span multiple episodes. Check in often to find new episodes and the next part of Claire’s case! Become a Club Pogo member and get free episodes!
Story Levels

Story levels tell the story of Claire through dialogue between her and other characters in this unique hidden object game. Click anywhere on the screen to advance the story line. If you would like to proceed immediately to the game, click on the ‘Skip’ button.
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  • leeduigon

    who composed the music for this game? It is marvelous and I can’t find the composer listed anywhere.

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